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Liz and Alissa Make Stuff is a show about friendship fueled fabrication. We're friends, we like to make stuff, we're going to tell you about it. This show probably won't teach you much but it will definitely make you laugh, either at us or with decide! New episodes every other Wednesday! Follow us on Instagram, @lizandalissa and join our Facebook group, Liz and Alissa Made Me Make It to see more photos of what we're making and to show us what you're making!

Apr 25, 2018

Get ready to hear us say the word PIT roughly 43,902 times. We counted. Along with our special guest Leasa, we made three varieties of homemade deodorant with, no joke, surprising results! We also give you an update on Liz's corned beef, take 2, learn that our accents (?) have been confusing some of our listeners and find out which kitchen utensils Alissa considered applying to her underarms.

Check out Leasa's Instagram and her amazing Disney dresses!


Yes, we are planning a live show to celebrate our first anniversary! The theme will be "Night of a Thousand Dips!" and we want YOU to come, dip in hand! We will record a live episode, share dips galore and of course dip into a fabulous cocktail! We will have a link to get free tickets very soon but in the meantime, details are as follows:

Saturday May 19, 7:00, West LA (exact address will be sent to ticket holders) 

Also, you don't HAVE to bring a dip to share but we would love it if you did! We might even talk about your dip on the show!

The Pit Crew

 2 bottles of rose

1-2 cups each of chopped peaches and mango (I used frozen)

1 cup of pitted cherries (I used TJ's jarred Morello cherries)

2 cups of cherry juice, reduced to 1 cup on the stove.

Combine all the ingredients in a pitcher and let it sit overnight in the fridge. To serve, pour in a glass full of ice and top with a little seltzer.




Liz's deodorant recipe

Leasa's recipe:



Alissa's deodorant recipe


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