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Liz and Alissa Make Stuff is a show about friendship fueled fabrication. We're friends, we like to make stuff, we're going to tell you about it. This show probably won't teach you much but it will definitely make you laugh, either at us or with decide! New episodes every other Wednesday! Follow us on Instagram, @lizandalissa and join our Facebook group, Liz and Alissa Made Me Make It to see more photos of what we're making and to show us what you're making!

Sep 27, 2017

Meet the Clumps


Keywords/possible drinking game: Eye Holes, Infected, Burning


Makeup Milk Punch


NOTE: We straight up copied this from America's Test Kitchen. Here is their awesome recipe:

Black Tea Port Milk Punch 


The disgusting makeup we made


Liz's beautiful self-makeover with our makeup. We promise she is not actually dying/dead.

Here is our esteemed guest, professional makeup artist Tifanie White, completely cracking up while attempting to apply our makeup on Liz.

Here is Liz after Tifanie applied real makeup to one half of her face and our terrible makeup to the other half. Can you guess which half is which? Hmmm...


The Show Must Be Go Kevin MacLeod (
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