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Liz and Alissa Make Stuff is a show about friendship fueled fabrication. We're friends, we like to make stuff, we're going to tell you about it. This show probably won't teach you much but it will definitely make you laugh, either at us or with decide! New episodes every other Wednesday! Follow us on Instagram, @lizandalissa and join our Facebook group, Liz and Alissa Made Me Make It to see more photos of what we're making and to show us what you're making!

Sep 13, 2017

Liz and Alissa have made a lot of very nerdy stuff. Let's GET INTO IT.

Keywords/possible drinking game: Nerd, Fandom, Juicer


The Nerdy Verde

NOTE: We made all of these juices ourselves. You will not be able to find them at the store. So this is a cocktail for when you have a juicer and some time. IT IS SO WORTH IT!

In a shaker combine:

2 oz yellow tomato juice

2 oz tomatillo juice

2 oz cucumber juice

2 oz celery juice

A splash of lime juice

A splash of cilantro juice

A few drops of garlic juice

A dash of Worcestershire

2 oz of vodka OR tequila

Add ice and shake vigorously.


Pour over ice into a glass rimmed with salt.




The Adorkable Misogyny of The Big Bang Theory



Liz's not very tear stained Hamilton handkerchief

Liz's nerdy quilt for the North Hollywood Classic Mac Collectors Club

And here it is on display at the North Hollywood Classic Mac Collectors Club HQ

Liz's Moana Costumes

Alice in Wonderland with Liz's sister Lauren's kids

And 7, count them, SEVEN Frozen costumes





5, 6... (Lauren made the one on the right, I can't take credit for that one!)

...and 7!

Alissa's Dalek Pillow

And Barry Manilow

Alissa's Planet of the Apes Quilt

The teeny tiny man shape she cut FREEHAND.

Alissa's collection of Reality Show Villians



The Show Must Be Go Kevin MacLeod (
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